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For more than three decades Scanhugger has built reliable machinery for wood waste reduction and utilization. We constantly strive to develop our machines and underlying technology, to be able to offer our customers, the best possible custom shredding solutions to date.
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The History of Scanhugger

The Beginning
Scanhugger was founded by Kai’s father. Originally a carpenter in the beginning of the 1950s where he made everything from furniture to floors. After production the excess of used wood and offcuts started to pile up. He saw that his peers and similarly woodworking plants, where faced with the same issue. In the same time the ricing heating costs demanding something to be done. From this he consequently saw a business opportunity and started working on what was to become Scanhugger.

It is from this humble background we originate and certainly still take our product philosophy: Handcrafted quality above all.

The design and construction of the Scanhugger S-8 tractor mounted (PTO) wood chipper, was the first step into developing the technology to produce wood chippers and shredders. With its sturn buildquality, fast turning blades and portability it was an early succes for Scanhugger.

From the succes the inventions of other core elements of the Scanhugger shredding technology and material handling systems started to emerge.


The introduction of the horizontal wood shredder at Ligna 1989, marked the founding-stone of what Scanhugger is today. The general principles of an active PLC controlled Ram-system and rotor design. The unique knife pocket design, he got from his days as a carpenter – is still in use to this day.

The demand for wood shredders was high. The same year as the first HL hopper shredder was introduced, it was installed in numerous sawmills in standinavia, where many is still in use to day. Further development took place and at the 1990 TIMI show in Denmark, a full line of HL hopper shredders was presented. The following year the first HK 35/10 wood scrap guillotine was presented at the Ligna 1991 show.

Many of these models are still in use today and serviced by the Scanhugger team on a regular basis.

Fusion Industri
By 2010 Scanhugger becomes a part of the JW-Group, and the production moved to Ikast, Denmark. The synergy of being a member of the JW-Group strengthens the Scanhugger brand and maked it possible to expand further in the market.

The development of a new conveyor-system made it possible to produce a full turnkey wood waste shredding system with Scanhugger as the sole manufacture.

Global Business
The Scanhugger dealer network is stretching all over the globe. With our first turnkey system installation in China in 2012 make us a truly global business. With wood shredders running on all five continents and regularly serviced ensures our ability to deliver complete wood waste shredding systems.

The system installed as a complete turnkey system with a wood shredder, re-shredding, and material handling system for a large briquette manufacturing plant.

Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are
Who We Are

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