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The Best Service Comes From Those That Build Them

We believe that reliable shredders come from reliable customer support, with service and spare parts when needed! You can expect nothing but the best from the Scanhugger Support Team and partners. That is why we provide support and assistance throughout our shredders lifetime.
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Since the foundation of the company, one of the fundamental principles has been to work closely with our customers. This provides us with the opportunity to continually assess and improve our level of service and create new improvements for future generations of wood waste reduction machinery.

Scanhugger is a complete solution provider for wood waste shredding related machinery. Thus allowing our customers to concentrate on their expertise with reliable productivity, with a trustworthy wood shredder by their side.


Service and spare parts from scanhugger

For guaranteed long machine life buy genuine: Only use Scanhugger’s genuine spare and wearing parts for your Scanhugger machines. We have carefully selected, developed and perfected each and every part. This is done in a complex engineering process, where we put them through rigorous testing. All to ensure the best specifications and reliability for your machine.

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Genuine spare parts

We have the full knowledge and development experience necessary for producing a reliable spare part. Minimize the likelihood of a malfunction with Scanhuggers. Only buy genuine spare parts. This optimizes the performance and functioning of your machine.

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Low maintenance

Scanhugger’s shredders work under demanding conditions. They are built for this purpose. We know our products better than anyone. We can, therefore, offer the best original service, which is unique in the market. You have a lifetime partner on your side, who is there for you when you need them. We support you with everything you need for efficient and low-cost operations throughout your wood shredders’ lifetime.

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Efficiency from well-timed service

Scanhugger and partners know your equipment. We made your machine and we are well-versed in the latest, most comprehensive service and diagnostic techniques. This ensures the best operations and low running cost of the wood shredders. We can spot important maintenance issues before they become costly repairs. And we offer preventative maintenance and warranty plans that guarantee the lowest cost-of-ownership over the life of your machine. Knowledgeable​ service and our special training mean you’ll be ready to take on anything that comes your way.

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On-site assembly

We do everything and anything in our power to ensure that our shredders are ready for a life of shredding. Before you get a wood shredder installed from us, it is built and tested to the full extent of its limits. We do an extensive FAT-testing before shipment, where we simulate peak performance. But we do not stop there. To ensure the best and fast implementation we always offer to send our crew to assemble your shredding solution on-site and on time.

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