HL 2/7/10

The cost-effective shredder for efficient volume reduction

The Scanhugger HL 2/7/10 is the smallest shredder we offer. The cost-effective shredder with an output of up to 200 kg/hour and small footprint makes it an ideal choice for inhouse production. The shredder is designed for a large range of wood waste, ranging from hard- and softwood, trim blocks, particleboard, MDF, furniture parts, paper, and cardboard.

As standard it is made ready for suction, but can also be made with auger and conwayer. The HL 2/7/10 has a control panel that can be placed on a stand or on the wall. The HL 2/7/10 is made in 15mm solid steel, and built in our facilities in Denmark.

  • Rotor Speed 100 RPM
  • Main Motor 7,5 – 11 kW
  • Chip Length 20 – 40 mm
  • Capacity 130 – 200 kg/hour
  • Sound Level 81 dB
  • Low maintenance
HL 2/7/10

What distinguishes the HL 2/7/10 shredder

130 – 200 kg/hour

Maximum throughput capacity

20 – 40 mm

Fraction sizes

7,5 – 11 kW

Driving power

900 mm

Rotor diameter