HT 75/60/4

The ideal chipper for efficient volume reduction

The Scanhugger HT 75/60/4 wood chipper is mounted with a solid steel drum rotor designed to produce the requested chip size. The straight knives are mounted with a special wedge system that lock and secure the knives in the rotor. This system is ideal for shredding short or long lengths of solid waste wood, from the timber sizing and wood processing industry in order to produce a defined homogeneous wood chip.

  • Rotor Speed 900 RPM
  • Main Motor 75 – 110 kW
  • Chip Length 15 – 35 mm
  • Capacity 1500 – 6000 kg/hour
  • Low maintenance
HT 75/60/4

What distinguishes the HT 75/60/4 chipper

6000 kg/hour

Maximum throughput capacity

15 – 35 mm

Fraction sizes

75 – 110 kW

Driving power

900 RPM

Rotor speed