HT 30/25/2

The smallest feed chipper for efficient volume reduction

The Scanhugger HT 30/25/2 is the smallest horizontally feed chipper in the line. It is ideally suited for cutting rib edgings and off-cuts to a precise chip from a single line rip. The chipper can be placed in the factory at the source of waste operating in-line with a straight- or gang rib saw, it continuously reduces the waste produced and eliminates the handling of slabs and edgings.

  • Rotor Speed 1100 RPM
  • Main Motor 15 – 18,5 kW
  • Chip Length 10 mm
  • Capacity 300 – 650 kg/hour
  • Low maintenance
HT 30/25/2

What distinguishes the HT 30/25/2 chipper

650 kg/hour

Maximum throughput capacity

10 mm

Fraction sizes

15 – 18,5 kW

Driving power

1100 RPM

Rotor speed