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Wood chipping solution for the sawmill industry

Valuable wood waste: Optimize your sawmill processes with reliable wood chipping solutions

Effective and reliable processing of waste wood for the sawmill industry

For your sawmill to run reliably and profitably, you need solutions you can rely upon. We supply machines and solutions for shredding the residual wood waste, conveyer, and screening technology that lasts for decades. Scanhuggers solutions integrate smoothly into your processes wherever there are residual products such as timber slabs and cuttings. With high-performance conveying technology, for example, we can ensure a constant flow of material and therefore a high uptime of your complete system.

Band conveyor for wood waste recycling with shredded wood with green forest background

Your advantages:

  • Full integration with your existing solution
  • Low storage and transportation costs
  • Very low maintenance & energy costs
  • Homogeneous wood chips
  • High-quality granulate for sale or use in your own heating plant.

Sawmill wood waste shredded to perfection

Wood waste is a by-product, generated during timber production using saw-cutting equipment. With a turnkey wood recycling system with screening, chipping or shredding can increase the output quality of the wood chips or bark mulch and be a source of income to your factory. The efficient Scanhugger system runs as a turnkey system and thereby minimizing operating and handling costs. We deliver exactly what you need: Individual components or complex complete systems – fully integrated into your sawmill.

Full integration of your sawmill factory

We provide the solution for your wood waste to be shredded directly at the source of the wood waste. Our wood chippers can work in line with the cutting table saving energy on transportation. Or the slabs can be transported away from the production hall and shredded elsewhere. With our wood chipping solutions, your production is always the turning point in the setup.

Man happy for his biomass recycled wood after it was shredded
two wood chippers at sawmill factory working inline with the production line

Usage of sawmill waste wood

Sawmill wood chips can be used in a wide variety of applications – such as heating in a furnace or as a substitute for bark mulch in flower beds, to cover floors at large events, to create an impact-absorbing surface for play areas or for further processing in the wood-based materials industry.

Slab timber from the sawmill industry

Slab timber is an industrial wood produced by log sorting companies and sawmills. It is a by-product created when logs or trunk wood is cut to into desired lengths. Slab timber is suitable to produce chip board, OSB or MDF boards and can also be reprocessed into firewood or briquettes. Wood chips have also proven their worth as bedding for stables as well as for heating purposes in the form of briquettes.

Scanhugger wood waste recycling shredder at production plant shredding offcut wood outside

Types of wood waste for shredding

The Scanhugger biomass recycling shredders are built to a point of overengineering which in turn ensures that they remain reliable into old age, even when put to the toughest living conditions. Scanhuggers wood waste shredders can be combined with our underlying technology and produce a one-stop turnkey shredding solution.

Be it shredding of bulky wood waste or turning industrial, and sawmill waste into secondary fuel, the tried and tested shredding solutions of Scanhugger provide a valuable solution for your wood waste shredding needs.

A robust and reliable shredder is needed when grinding cap timber or offcuts. Our shredders are meticulously developed to be robust and sturdy to specifically handle this usage.

Scanhugger wood waste recycling shredder at production plant shredding offcut wood outside

A sturdy and reliable cutting system is required for shredding solid wood waste. We offer wood waste grinders that are tested and proven in processing all types of solid wood.

Offcut wood from guillotine

Our industrial wood shredders are especially well suited for shredding all types of board materials. Both particle boards and MDF boards are shredded reliably and efficiently. We can always offer a trouble-free size reduction solution depending on the board size and the desired throughput rate and granular size.

Shredding plywood, MDF and panelboards with scanhugger

Scanhugger industrial wood chippers are well proven in the shredding of long wood splinters. The specialized drum chipper is designed to pull splinters in independently and reliably shred them. Our rotary shears are particularly sturdy and have a long service life.

Shredding and grinding wood splinters

Shredding pallets and packaging with metal inclusions as nails, screws and clamps, are no problem at all for the robust Scanhugger cutting unit. After shredding, the metal pieces can be easily removed with a magnet. We offer customized comprehensive solutions for shredding pallets: From shredding machine and discharge unit to metal separation – all from one source

Shredding pallets and packaging with metal inclusions as nails, screws and clamps, are no problem at all for the robust Scanhugger cutting unit

Production waste from the wood processing industries. When shredding woodworking waste from the wood processing industry, it is very important for the shredding machines to maintain high availability particularly in multi-shift operation. Therefor, we build reliable waste grinders that are particularly designed for day in day out performance. Moreover, the low maintenance requirements further increase availability.

Shredding and wood chipping woodworking waste wood at vibration conveyor and vibrationtabel

Shredding thin veneers appears to be very easy at first glance. But correct wood grinder configuration is a decisive factor here. With our drum chippers with a pusher feed system offers you a customized wood shredding machine especially designed for shredding veneer.

Shredding wood veneer with scanhugger

Two shredding systems are available for shredding bark pending the moister content. The fast turning drum chippers work well with wet bark, while our HL single-shaft series is the preferred system for dry and hard bark.

Wood bark before it is shredded

The reliable shredder-system can cost-effectively reduce and shred the material in advance before cartons and paper are pressed into bales and defibred. This volume reduction step can greatly benefit a recycling companies as well as in recycling centers or cardboard and corrugated cardboard factories.

Shredding, chipping and grinding paper and cardboard

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