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Complete Woodwaste shredding solutions

Scanhugger has more than 25 years of experie in developing and manufacturing machinery related to wood waste reduction and utilization.

Scanhugger equipment has been installed and serviced in woodworking plants all over the world.

Our Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables Scanhugger to build turnkey woodwaste utilization system.

Scanhugger Hopper Shredder and Chipper

Scanhugger HL-Shredder

Scanhugger HL single shaft shredder is unique in it´s capability of processing a wide range of materials:
Solid wood, Particleboard, MDF, Cardboard and pallets.

The produced chip is used as fuel or as a raw material for production of animal bedding, briquettes and pellets.

The slow turning rotor mounted with knife blocks breaks the material into pieces and the fraction size is determined by the screen hole size. The chip is heterogeneous.

The Scanhugger HL line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables Scanhugger to build turnkey wood waste utilization systems.
The range of Scanhugger auxiliary equipment includes:
- Pneumatic discharge systems
- Chip conveyor and auger discharge systems
- Metal detection and metal separation systems
- Wood scrap conveyors and specially designed auxiliary hoppers

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Hopper Shredder

Scanhugger HT-Chipper

Scanhugger HT series of drum chippers is the product of more than 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing machinery related to wood waste reduction and utililization.

Scanhugger equipment has been installed and serviced in woodworking plants all over the world. The drum chipper is unique in its capability of processing solid wood slabs, rip edgings and cutoffs into a uniform chip.

The HT chipper lineup, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables Scanhugger to build turnkey woodchipping systems.
The range of Scanhugger auxiliary equipment includes:
- Pneumatic discharge systems
- Chip conveyor and auger discharge systems
- Vibrating conveyors and vibrating tables
- Metal detection and metal separation systems

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Scanhugger Reshredder and Hammermill


The scanhugger HT series reshredder is designed with vertical infeed and a fast rotating drum.
They are used for refining coarse chips to a defined size.The reshredders are available with 2 cutting systems.

One rotor system is a solid steel drum mounted with straight knives.
This system is ideal for processing preshredded material from clean solid wood. The second rotor system is a welded construction mounted with square knife crowns.

The open rotor design combined with the knife crown arrangement is ideal for reshredding most any kind of preshredded material.

Scanhugger EU 3000 D


The EU Industrial hammermill is designed to reduce coarse chips of:
solid wood, particle board and MDF to a defined particle size.

Depending on the material to be processed and the particle size of the final product, the machine can be mounted with different screen and hammer combinations.

Scanhugger Guillotine


Scanhugger Guillotine is ideally suited for locating in the factory right at the source of the waste.

Operating inline with a gang saw, straight line rip saw or panel saw.
Using a closed looped hydraulic system, the knife is continously cycling.
The cut length is set by an adjustable gate.

Scanhugger Material handling

Scanhugger Vibro Table

Vibration table

The HTV- vibrating table is ideal for feeding bark, chips, blocks on to a conveyor system.
The flow rate is variable and the feed speed is adjusted to match the material and installation. Max. table width x length 3500 x 6000 mm.
The vibrating table is tailor made to each application.

Vibration conveyor

Scanhugger vibrating conveyors redesigned as infeed conveyors for chippers.
They can also be used as chip discharge conveyors for both shredders and chippers.

Vibrating conveyors can be mounted with screening section and metalfree zone for mounting metaldetector.

Scanhugger Band conveyor

Band conveyor

Scanhugger HTB band conveyors are made for chip transport from chippers and shredders.

The conveyor through can be fitted with a non- magnetic section for mounting overbandmagnet or a metalfree zonefor mounting metaldetektor.
The conveyors are made to customer specifications.

Auger conveyor

Scanhugger augers are used as chip transport augers and discharge systems for buffersilos.

Special discharge- and transport auger systems are made for Hopper Shredder.

Scanhugger HLS Auger conveyor

Scanhugger Metal separation

Scanhugger HTBM Overbandmagnet


For efficient separatoin of ferrous metal parts from a stream of  chips.
Scanhugger HTBM overbandmagnet is installed perpendicular to the  material flow or in-line with a conveyor at a transfer point.

Tube magnet

Scanhugger Tube magnet can be installed directly in the extraction line where it efficiently separates ferrous metal parts.

Scanhugger HRS Tube magnet

Scanhugger HRS Drum separation

Drum separation

Scanhugger permanent magnetic drum separator can be installed at the out feed from a auger, bandconveyor or vibrating conveyor to separate ferrous metal parts.

Combined units

Combined units - from woodwaste to final feedstock for briquetting/pelletizing

Batch feed all types of wood waste into a Scanhugger HL series Shredder and without further handling develop a perfect product to make pellets or briquettes.
With Scanhuggers PLC-driven Smart Ram system and newly developed Smart Feed system, the preshredded material is metered into the Scanhugger EU Hammermill.
The end result is material ready for a pellet or briquette press.
The machine line adjust automatically to the material type to ensure the maximum production according to the machines installed.

Scanhugger Combined units

This Scanhugger line-up of Shredders, Re-Shredders and a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables us to build turnkey woodwaste utilization systems.
Scanhugger equipment is currently operating and serviced in woodworking plants all over the world.
We are dedicated to provide solutions from our full range of equipment that meets the specific requirements of our customers.
You can always count on fast and efficient response from our team in Denmark, or from any of our partners worldwide.

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