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Scanhugger re-shredder in 3D front view made for shredding wood into material for briquittes and pellet production

HT 55/30

With the secondary shredder from Scanhugger, you’ll have a superior granulate that’s ideal for briquetting or pellets. With a Scanhugger HT or HL shredder in front of the re-shredder and you’ll have a premium product ready for sale, pellets and briquet production. The HT 55/30 re-shredder is available with two different cutting systems.


Rotor speed:1750 RPM
Main motor:30 – 37 kW
Chip length:10 – 30 mm
Capacity:300 – 1300 kg/hour
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The re-shredder is the ideal secondary shredder for multi-stage systems. With the re-shredder from Scanhugger, you’ll have a premium granulate that’s ideal for pellets and briquet production or as a sales commodity. 

The Scanhugger HT 55/30 re-shredder is designed with a vertical infeed and a fast rotating drum. They are used for refining coarse chips to a predefined size. The shredders are available with two cutting systems: One rotor system is a solid steel drum mounted with straight knives. This system is ideal for processing pre-shredded material from clean solid wood. The second rotor system is a welded construction mounted with square knife crowns. The open rotor design combined with the knife crown arrangement is ideal for re-shredding most kinds of pre-shredded material.

The wood shredder’s reliability comes from its sturdy steel construction and its proven technology. The system monitors and eliminates overloading of the main motor, thereby maximizing the cutting action and the output of the wood chips. The system builds on very few moving parts and therefore further reduces future maintenance costs.

No matter what rotor system that is best for your needs the HT 55/30 will produce a high-quality granulate of 10-30 mm. The smaller the particle size, the higher the resale value.

In conjunction with the Scanhugger HT or HL shredder, you’ll have a turnkey system that can be tailormade for your requirements and needs with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment.

knife crowns from a Scanhugger HT5530 wood re-shredder perfect for pellet production or briquitting

The rotor is a welded construction mounted with square knife crowns. The open rotor design combined with the knife crown arrangement maximizes the material flow through the machine.


The rotor is a solid steel drum, precision machined to produce the required chip size. The straight knives are mounted with a special wedge system that while utilizing the flywheel effect of the rotor, lock and secure the knives.

Solid steel drum for shredding wood
Scanhugger re-shredder knife crowns in array

The rugged, heavy duty main frame and rotor along with the chrome nickel shaft and oversized roller bearings are engineered to accommodate the heavy shock loads typical of drum chippers.


The Scanhugger HT-reshredder is used as an integrated part of a wood waste reduction line or a stand-alone installation. The Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables us to build turnkey wood waste utilization systems. The range of Scanhugger auxiliary equipment includes pneumatic discharge systems, chip conveyor and auger discharge systems, metal detection and separation systems. And much more.

Scanhugger industrial turnkey wood waste shredding system


    • Refining coarse chips
    • Shavings
    • Previously processed timber
    • And much more.


Technichal drawing of re shredder from side and front

Dimensions in mm / inch

A1797 / 70.7
B825 / 32.5
C590 / 23.3
D326 / 12.8

Dimensions in mm / inch

E195 / 7.7
F550 / 22
G250 / 10
Infeed height/width:195 x 550mm
Rotor diameter:Ø 350 mm
No. of knifes: 2-3 straight knives or 32 knife blocks
Rotor speed:1750 RPM
Main motor:18,5 – 30 kW
Screen perforation:10 – 30 mm
Chip length:10 – 30 mm
Capacity:300 – 1300 kg/hour
Weight:1350 kg


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You can download a PDF containing all specifications and information here.

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