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Wood package shortener and cutting

The machine for cutting stacked, pre-packed wood products.

The solution keeping it in line

The solution for cutting stacked, pre-packed wood products. The cutting machine is either placed on 4 pcs. revolvable wheels, or built of robust steel construction, which ensures stability if moved, and during sawing.

The saw unit itself, which is suspended on 3 pcs. strong ball guides are equipped with a 7.5 kW electrical motor with V-belt drive to the saw chain, is controlled by a stellite coated guide bar with combined chain tension and chain lubrication. The up/down movement is controlled by a 0.37 kW electrical motor with adjustable sawing velocity. To ensure a precise angled cut, the cutting machine is fixed to the package against the stop plate by means of the 2 pcs. manual screw spindles and a detector bar.

Fully automatic or portable wood package shortener

We deliver two systems pending your needs. The transportable solution is wheel-mounted and ready to go where you need it. The stationary system for when speed and efficiency are key to success. To ensure a perpendicular saw cut, the package cutter is clamped to the package against the land with 2 pcs. hand-operated screw spindles and pressure rail. It is possible to connect the extraction systems.

The package shortener is delivered fully ready to drive and a special version can be offered on request.

The transportable package shortner

Scanhuggers’s portable package shortener, type PM 1400, is intended for shortening wooden products stacked in packages. A package is placed on joists with min. 125mm’s thickness. The package cutter, which has 4 swivel castors, is run over the package, where it – after length measurement and straightening – is clamped for sawing. The sawing time will be 2-3 min, depending on the dimension. The up and down movement of the saw unit is done with a 0.25 kW motor with speed control and is operated with control levers with stop function.

The package cutter is built in strong steel tube construction, which ensures stability during sawing and moving. The saw unit, which is suspended in 3 powerful guides, is fitted with a 7.5 kW electric motor for operating the saw chain, which is controlled by a stellite-coated saw bar with a combined tightening and lubrication unit. Saw chain replacement is easy without the use of tools.


Automatic package shortening systems

Type PS1400 SV with stationary package shortening saw, type PM1400. Package shortening system built for trimming and length shortening of packages with max. package size 1.2 x 1.2 m x 7.2 m with Scanhugger package shortening saw, type PM 1400, with 7.5 kW main motor, 1400 mm bar, 0.25 kW motor for variable feed, as saw unit. The sword is angled, rising 80 mm relative to the horizontal.

The package to be shortened is placed with a forklift on joists that have already been laid out on the stand, the package is straightened by the forklift pulling the package against the supports shown. The operator moves the saw unit to the front of the package for trimming. The subsequent cuts are made by the operator on the control panel selecting the desired lengths, after which the saw runs in position with a positioning accuracy of less than 1.5 mm, and the saw movement is performed. After the last programmed cut, the saw automatically returns to the starting position.

Shredding And Wood Chipping Woodworking Waste Wood At Vibration Conveyor And Vibrationtabel

The extraction can be established from the saw unit. The waste from the sawing can be collected in a container that is placed under the saw or a transport system for the waste can be built-in.


The wood package cutter is built from a strong steel tube construction, which ensures stability during sawing and moving. The saw unit, which is suspended in three powerful guides, is engineered to accommodate the hard life of a saw.

Scanhugger HT Main frame with scanhugger logo and production papers inside
Scanhugger complete turnkey wood waste recycling shredder with hopper shredder conveyors, metal separation and hammer mill

High customizability. Make it your own.  

The Scanhugger package shortening system built for trimming and length shortening of packages can be used as an integrated part of a wood waste reduction line or a stand-alone installation. The Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables us to build turnkey wood waste utilization systems. The range of Scanhugger auxiliary equipment includes pneumatic discharge systems, chip conveyor and auger discharge systems, metal detection and separation systems. And much more.


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