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HL 4/18/25

Scanhugger HL 4/18/25 share the same benefits as the HL 4/18/20, but with the benefit of an extended loading bay. This makes it capable of shredding even bigger objects. With an output of up to 5000 kg/hour the shredder is designed all types of wood waste, ranging from hard- and softwood, trim blocks, particleboard, MDF, furniture parts, paper, and cardboard. Depending on the desired chip quality, the machine can be mounted with two different motors and various screen sizes.


Rotor speed:80 RPM
Main motor:55 – 90 kW
Chip length:30 – 200 mm
Capacity:1500 – 5000 kg/hour
Sound level Lpa:86,5 dB
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The versatile wood shredder with a high throughput

The HL 4/18/25 share all the benefits the HL 4/18/20 has to offer but with and extended loading bay. The wood shredder produces a high quality granulate for immediate use in wood chip heating systems or briquett-generation using peripheral systems that can be connected if needed such as metal separators or pipe magnets that we can customise to your needs. As the hopper design is adapted to your individual requirements, loading may be done either by wheel loader, forklift, grabber or even manually.

Energy-efficientcy particularly important for our machines that run continuously. For this reason, the HL 4/18/25 uses our unique knife design with a specific 57mm blade design with a front pocked that ensures fast shredding using very little energy. In addition, the motor shuts down automatically if no material is fed into the machine for more than 3 minutes. This saves energy and lowers your operating costs at the same time. In addition, the HL 4/18/25 features a mechanism that detects foreign objects and automatically shuts down the shredder. This prevents damage to the cutting unit. Energy efficiency plays a big role in the HL 4/18/25.

We offer turnkey solutions with high customizability. Each of our wood shredders is customized to your needs. The machines can be equipped with a metal separator, a conveyor system or a customized hopper or combined with other machines for further refinement of the granulate.

The drive capacities range from 55 to 90 kW and outputs between 1,000 and 5,000 kg/h, depending input and the screen mesh size.

Scanhugger steel knife with pucket design

Our knife design and precision mounting arrangement ensure long tool life, optimal chip quality, and easy maintenance. Our exclusive machined chip pocket in front of each knife position allows for chips to clear out of the cut, thereby maximizing the cutting action and the output of the chips. The knife can be rotated up to four times which allows for longer uses of a single blade. The knife and the precision mounting arrangement ensure a long tool life, optimal chip quality, and easy maintenance.


The rotor, knife design together with the heavy duty chip screen ensures a high chip quality. The screen has square perforations ranging from 15 - 70 mm. which helps ensure the heterogeneous chip size. The produced chip then be used as fuel or as a raw material for production of animal bedding, or for further processing for briquettes and pellets.

Scanhugger produces high quality wood chips from perfected wood shredders
Scanhugger industrial turnkey wood waste shredding system

The Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables us to build turnkey wood waste systems.
Our auxiliary hopper extensions are customized for each application, pneumatic discharge systems, auger and conveyor systems, magnet systems for separation of ferrous metals from chips, ensures that we can meet your requirements.


  • Pallets
  • Solid timber
  • Chip boards
  • Sawmill waste (even if very wet)
  • Wood residues
  • Cap timber
  • Veneer, MDF boards
  • Cardboard (mixed with wood)
  • Bark
  • and much more.


Hopper dimension:1828 x 2515 mm
Standard hopper volume:4,0 cbm
Rotor diameter:Ø 370 mm
No. of knives:32 / 50
No. of counterknives: 4
Rotor speed:80 RPM
Main motor:55 – 90 kW
Screen perforation:20 – 80 mm
Chip length:30 – 2000 mm
Capacity:1500 – 5000 kg/hour
Weight:7000 kg
Sound level Lpa:86,5 dB


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