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HT 55/30/2

The Scanhugger HT 50/30/2 is available with 2 cutting systems. One rotor system with a fast rotating chipping knife ideal for shredding slabs, edgings, and of-cuts. The second rotor system is mounted with cutting crowns for processing particleboard, MDF and plywood. The chipper can be placed in the factory at the source continuously reduces the waste produced.


Rotor speed:900 RPM
Main motor:37 – 75 kW
Chip length:5 – 25 mm
Capacity:500 – 1800 kg/hour
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The reliable horizontal shredder with the extra adaptability

The Scanhugger HT 55/30/2 horizontal shredder is available with two cutting systems. The standard rotor system is a solid, precision machined steel drum. It features straight knives that are mounted using a special wedge system that locks and secures the knives in the rotor. This system is ideal for chipping solid wood slabs, edgings, and offcuts to a defined chip size.

The second rotor system is a solid steel drum with a precision mounting arrangement of four-sided knife blocks. A chip pocket is machined in front of each knife, which allows the chips to clear out of the cut, thereby maximizing the cutting action. This rotor system in ideal for processing particleboard, MDF and plywood scrap.

The wood shredder’s reliability comes from its sturdy steel construction and its proven technology. The system monitors and eliminates overloading of the main motor, thereby maximizing the cutting action and the output of the wood chips. The system builds on very few moving parts and therefore further reduces future maintenance costs.

In addition, the HT 55/30/2 features a mechanism that detects foreign objects and automatically shuts down the wood shredder. This prevents damage to the cutting unit. The two unique knife designs can easily shred rib edgings and off-cuts and produces a high-quality granulate of 5 – 25 mm that is well suited for thermal utilization or briquetting.

We offer turnkey solutions with high customizability. Each of our wood shredders is customized to your needs. The machines can be equipped with a metal separator, a vibratory infeed conveyor system or a customized hopper or combined with other machines for further refinement of the granulate. We produce special sound isolation housings which makes it possible for the machine to be placed directly in-line the woodworking machine for the processing of MDF and solid wood. This optimizes the sound environment and minimizes waste wood transportation.

Scanhugger HT knife

The rotor is a solid steel drum, precision machined to obtain the requested chip size and quality. The straight knives are mounted with a special wedge system that while utilizing the flywheel effect of the rotor, lock and secure the knives.

Counter knife

The counter knife support is divided into 2 parts; a stationary support locked in place, and a removable part to which the actual counter knife is mounted to. This construction forms a precision seat for the counter knife and allows for easy removal of the counter knife.

Scanhugger HT quality counter knife steel
Scanhugger heavy in-feed roller with vibration conveyor in front

Machined and surface hardened “pineapple style” infeed rollers stop when the rotor reaches its maximum load. As the load decreases, the feed works starts up again. This start/stop sequence eliminates overloads of the rotor.


The rugged, heavy duty main frame and rotor along with the chrome nickel shaft and oversized roller bearings are engineered to accommodate the heavy shock loads typical of drum chippers.

Scanhugger HT wood chipper rugged main frame


    • Hard- and softwood
    • Rib edgings
    • Slabs
    • MDF
    • Lineal plastic scrap
    • Any long wood scrap
    • And much more.


HT 35-30-2 3D technical

Dimensions in mm / inch

A2050 / 80.8
B710 / 28
C533 / 21
D552 / 21.8

Dimensions in mm / inch

E1021 / 40.2
F768 / 30.2
G450 / 10
Infeed height/width:90 x 530 mm
Rotor diameter:Ø 300 mm
No. of knifes: 2-3 straight knives or 32 knife blocks
Rotor speed:900
Infeed speed:25 – 30 m / min.
Main motor:37 – 75 kW
Screen perforation:20 – 40 mm
Chip length:5 – 25 mm
Capacity:500 – 1800 kg/hour
Weight:1250 kg


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