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Hammermill for pellets and briquetting

Sometimes you just need a hammer.

EU Hammermill - Low maintenance, high output

The hammer mill, also known as a pulverizer, works according to the principle of impact grinding. Its core consists of a rotor with non-wearing impact hammers and external rolling bearing housing. The Scanhugger Hammermill is highly suitable for grinding coarse chips of solid wood, particleboard, and MDF into a predefined particle size ranging from 6 – 15 mm. Depending on the material you need processed and the particle size of the final product, the hammermill can be mounted with different screen and hammer combinations to fit your requirements.

Scanhugger EU 2000 hammer mill for grinding shredded wood into into smaller particles

EU 2000
Main motor: 22 – 30 kW
Capacity: 800 – 2000 kg/hour

Scanhugger EU 3000 hammer mill for grinding shredded wood into into smaller particles

EU 3000
Main motor: 30 – 45 kW
Capacity: 1700 – 3500 kg/hour

Scanhugger EU 4000 hammer mill for grinding shredded wood into into smaller particles

EU 4000
Main motor: 45 – 75 kW
Capacity: 3000 – 4200 kg/hour

Scanhugger EU hammer mill for grinding shredded wood into into smaller particles

EU 5000
Main motor: 75 – 110 kW
Capacity: 3900 – 5100 kg/hour

Grinding equipment for processing feed and advanced industrial materials

The wood Hammermill with a bottom outlet, and with inlet in the top of the grinding chamber is used in connection with sub-bin, or mechanical transport of the milled product. The EU-series wood grinding hammermill with suction pipe socket, and with inlet in the top of the grinding chamber is used in connection with nozzle filter and ventilator (sub-pressure installation). Used where long transport distances and large capacities are required. This type of installation is dust-free. The Hammer mill is used for grinding of products into smaller particles. In the process, the product is led to the mill inlet via a conveyor belt, auger or similar equipment with capacity adjustment by means of e.g. frequency converter. When the product falls into the grinding chamber, it is split into particles by the rotation of the hammers and the grinding bridge. The grinding fineness of the product is determined by the hole size of the screen.

Shredded wood from a scanhugger industrial wood waste recycling shredder


The smaller the particle size, the higher the resale value. The Scanhugger EU Hammermill is the ideal secondary shredder for multi-stage systems. Our reliable industrial wood chippers ensure the production of a homogeneous granulate. The granulate can then be used for in-house wood chip furnace, biogas plant, biomass co-generation plant and the production of wood briquettes. This reduction in size also reduces your disposal, transport and storage costs. Regardless of how you are planning to use the wood chips, we will configure the shredder and auxiliary products for woodworking scrap exactly according to your needs.


The material is reduced when it passes between the hammers and the grinding bridge. The rotor is mounted with 8 mm swinghammers. The hammers can be turned using the 4 corners for prolounged hammering. The hammer mill deliver consistently high capacities and are ideal for dry wood grinding, generating valuable wood products for the particle board industry and other wood composite markets, pellet production, briquetting, and boiler fuels.

U Hammermill grinding and hammer design open view
U Hammermill grinding and hammer design open view

Turning chips into dust

The screen is a solid steel plate perforated with round holes for optimal output quality. The hole size range from 6 – 15 mm. pending the requirements. We use a highly-robust, low wear grinder and milling segments for extra durability. The design of the rotation of the hammer mill gives an even wear on the screens and milling segments, which further adds to a reduced maintenance and service requirements.


When servicing is required, our hammer mills are highly accessible. Design as a clamshell, where the top let can be flipped open, gives easy access to the screens and hammers. This ensures the fast and easy access to all machinery parts and keeps any unnecessary downtime to the absolute minimum. The low costs are further supported by the highly robust, wear-resistant properties of the grinders and the tested underlying technology.

Scanhugger HT Main frame with scanhugger logo and production papers inside


We produce and tailor fit a large range of machinery related to separation, conveying and handling infeed and chip discharge to and from the production line. Our metal separation solutions ensure the removal of all ferrous particles before further processing.


High customizability. Make it your own.  

The Hammermill is used as an integrated part of a wood waste reduction line or a stand-alone installation. The Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables us to build turnkey wood waste utilization systems. The range of Scanhugger auxiliary equipment includes pneumatic discharge systems, chip conveyor and auger discharge systems, metal detection and separation systems. And much more.

Scanhugger complete turnkey wood waste recycling shredder with hopper shredder conveyors, metal separation and hammer mill


With the secondary shredder from Scanhugger, you’ll have a superior granulate that’s ideal for briquetting. With a Scanhugger HT or HL shredder in front of the reshredder and you’ll have a premium product ready for sale, pellets and briquet production.

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