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Have a look at some of our installed shredders
turning wood waste into a value since 1970.

HL 3/10/10 With Auger Conveyor
Hopper Shredder With Auger Conveyor Full Of Waste Wood
Wood Shredder With Wood Chips Under Conveyor-belt With Off Cut Wood On The Ground
Wood Chipper Outside Being Set Up With Vibration Table And Table At Woodworking Plant In Australia
Special Hopper Magazine With Wood Shredder Before Shipping
Klee Engine Attached To Scanhugger Hammer Mill At Wood Working Plant
Wood Chips And Hopper Shredder With Magazine And Yellow Railing
Hopper Shredder With Custom Band Conveyor And Off Cut Wood In Foreground
Wood Shredder With Red Conveyor, Bandconveyor And Wood Chips
Scanhugger Hopper Shredder With Band Conveyor And Forklift
Big Hopper Shredder Full Of Waste Wood With Band Conveyor In A Snowy Landscape
Man Shredding Pallet Into Hopper Shredder At Production Facility
Scanhugger With Auger Conveyor Feeding Into A Container
Scanhugger Hopper Shredder With Waste Wood And Auger Conveyor
Man With Orange Forklift Feeding Wood Into Hopper Shredder Outside At Wood Working Plant
Hopper Shredder With Two Band Conveyors And Auger Conveyor To Re-shredder Making A Great Complete Turnkey Shredder Re-shredder System
Volvo Tractor Feeding Waste Wood Into Hopper Shredder With Band Conveyors
Two Men Feeding Wood Into An Wood Shredder From A Forklift
Scanhugger HT Wood Chipper From The Side With A Peugeot In The Background
Scanhugger Wood Chipper With Big Feeding Rollers And SEW Engines
Wood Chipper With Suction Pipe With Vibration Table And Conveyor
Small Vibration Table Feeding A Vibration Conveyor With Metal Detection Segment Feeding Into Wood Chipper Inside A Production Hall
Two Wood Chippers At Production Hall With Suction Pipes And Vibrations Conveyors Woos In Background
Scanhugger Wood Shipper With Big Klee Drive Motor
Close Up Of Scanhugger Re-shredder With Feeding Pipe.
Man Standing Outside Next To A Vibration Table Feeding Into Vibration Conveyor
Vibration Table Feeding Vibration Conveyor That Goes Into A Soundproof Box Containing A Fast Turning Wood Chipper
Scanhugger Inside Production Facility Feed By Conveyor
Scanhugger Hopper Shredder With Custom Magazine And Two Wood Band Conveyors
Scanhugger Hopper Shredder With Auger Conveyor Inside An Overhang And Paged Wood
Shredded Wood After Industrial Wood Shredder From Scanhugger Has Shredded It. Transported By Band Conveyor With Sunlight Shining Down
Wood Shredder With Tall Hopper Magazine And Movable Band Conveyor

Complete Wood Waste Shredding Solutions

Our Scanhugger line-up, coupled with a full range of options and auxiliary equipment enables Scanhugger to build turnkey wood waste utilization systems.

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