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Our knowledge, your benefit – let our engineers help you with a free wood waste analysis. We have been building shredding solutions since 1970 and our experts at the Scanhugger Construction Team can identify the best solution for your wood shredding needs. Fill out the form below – and you’re all set.

The future of wood disposal: Turnkey wood shredding solutions

Did you know that the cost of wood disposal could be negatively impacting your ROI? The average cost today to dispose of waste wood is higher than ever. And that cost is likely going to increase as traditional landfill space decreases. Now more than ever, there is a need for turnkey shredding systems to utilize the waste wood into a profitable product. It is not only more efficient and sustainable it is also financially beneficial.

The lifecycle of wood doesn’t end at the bottom of the production line – it keeps on giving. Both the production waste wood and the “End of Life”-wood can be an asset for your business. That is why we have made a free wood waste analysis form, so we are able to help you get one step closer to a complete wood waste handling system.

Free wood waste analysis

At Scanhugger, our goal is to find a wood shredding solution that best fits your company from both a cost and a sustainability standpoint. Our experts will conduct a free wood waste analysis for your utility that factors in a number of variables. All you need to do is to complete the form below and we will do our best to give our estimate of your needs of a complete shredding solution.

Wood waste analysis form

Please complete all fields marked (*) so we can offer you the best possible service.

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How many kg/h do you need shredded?
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Be advised that the estimated amount of shredded material is an estimate. Variables such as wood moisture content, material intake, and maintenance have a profound influence on the shredded material. We can therefore never give the exact amount of shredded material, but give our professional approximation build from years of experience.

While we wait for the respons, you could learn more about our turnkey solutions.

Turnkey Systems
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